Location: Morris Bay, Antigua

After an irregular early start and breakfast to fuel the day of action and a short efficient clear up, we were given an introduction to the main deck, the engine room, the saloon, and kitchen, and the chart house and a Mexican themed lunch that was delicious, we began to prepare the ship to leave the harbor. I was on anchor duty with Eitan, Maria, and Jaden, specifically flaking the anchor chain under the deck space, what I can only describe as a sauna from hell. It was a great feeling, however, to have done something useful, and once both dingeys were lifted out of the water and stored on the boat, we were underway to our next anchor point. When we arrived at Morris bay, after dropping anchor, we began the swim test (four laps around the boat and 10 mins treading water), followed by the first of many saltwater showers. This was followed by a nice break and more of getting to know each other as a group. Leaving the harbor has made it feel very real and exciting, and we have bonded incredibly quickly as a group.