Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Hello from the BVI’s! Today was a big day for everyone because it was the first day of diving! We also had our first night of anchor watch, or staying up individually an hour at a time throughout the night, making sure our anchor doesn’t drag, and everything else on board is great! For breakfast, we had oatmeal and fruit, and from there, I, the skipper for the day, had to break down the schedule to the whole crew. The open water group (people getting their diving certificates) were watching PADI videos and taking quizzes while the advanced kids did there the first test run with their equipment in the water. Afterward, we had lunch, and from there, the open water students got all their equipment out and ready for the first dive. I was so nervous, but also very anxious to get in the water and start getting used to all the equipment. We broke off into two groups and started with our teachers. It was an awesome experience; I felt comfortable with the teaching techniques and learned so much in one day! Everyone had fun and is really excited to jump back into the water tomorrow morning! I can’t wait till we get certified and go on bigger longer trips, and I really can’t wait to start taking pictures and film underwater of the experience and the beautiful marine world down here in the Caribbean!