Location: Port Louis, Mauritius

Oh,to be on shore again! Words cant describe how crazy it was walking on land andseeing traffic on streets. Last night we celebrated our successful passage withdelicious pizza and sundaes on the waterfront, which was so much fun! Today wetook a tour of Mauritius with two taxis and explored the island. Our taxidrivers took us to a lush part of the island that was dotted with tea andcoffee plantations and papyrus trees! We stopped at a beautiful waterfall,which was about as tall as the Eifel Tower, and afterwards, we went to an areacalled the Seven Colored Earth that literally has seven colors of land. Atthe Seven Colored Earth, we enjoyed coffee and cupcakes that we have all beencraving on our passage. Afterwards, we went to a look out that hovered over amassive gorge. Outside of the gorge, we admired hand carved secret boxes. Next,we went to a Hindu temple, where were blessed and marked with red paint on ourforehead. The pond at the temple was super entertaining because there weregiant freshwater eels trying to eat the pieces of bread that were being thrownat them. After we left the temple, we went to an Indian restaurant for lunchand devoured loads of amazing fresh food as the locals do: without utensils. Itwas challenging, but by the end of it, I think we all mastered the art ofeating with our fingers and naan. After lunch, we went to a colonial house, aswell as a shop that is devoted to making intricate model ships. The people inthe shop gave us a tour behind the scenes and showed us the complex processthat goes into making each model ship. They said the body of a 3 foot shipusually takes 20 months to build! The tour was a great way to see Mauritius andwe are all excited to explore it a bit more in the next few days. The peaks andhillsides here are incredible!