Location: Similand Island #4, Thailand

Today a busy and exciting day, was had by all. After breakfast, we did our usual clean-up, and then the non-certified divers set up their gear to take their first breaths underwater. While the group of to-be divers did their preliminary skills, the certified divers did a quick review and then went to the beach. After lunch, the certified divers took their first dive of the trip, and what a dive it was! Surrounded by schools of colorful fish, the divers decided unanimously it was one of the most exciting dives that we’ve seen yet. The engineer of the day, Abbey, was in charge of pumping the scuba tanks so that the to-be certified divers could complete more practice. The cooks returned to the boat to make dinner while others helped to frost a cake for Mike C.’s birthday. The crew enjoyed a dinner of dried pork curry and birthday cake. Currently, the to-be divers are working on their knowledge reviews while the certified divers are preparing a game of charades. A fun day was had by all! Hi Mom and Dad!