Location: Guadeloupe

We had a short 2-hour passage over to Pigeon Island this morning and underway did some practice problems for our seamanship Navmaster. Last night, we had the Ocean Star crew over for dinner, which was a blast, so we took a vote on whether to have shore time today or tomorrow with Ocean Star and ended up working on practice exams and diving for the afternoon. A few fellow students, meaning probably 10 of us, are sick, so they didnt go diving today, unfortunately. However, Emma, Connor, Laszlo, Christina, and a few staff and I got to go for a dive. Led by Christina, who is working on her dive master, we dinghied over to a small island for our lady-advanced open-water dive. Before we even descended, we could see so many fish swimming at the surface, many of them familiar from marine biology class. We spent a good 35 minutes under and saw so many cool fish. Unfortunately, we are not able to take photos on training dives, but boy, was I taking so many mental pictures of the hundreds of organisms around us.
The other group worked on the Navmaster practice exam; tomorrow, we will switch groups. After those activities, we had until dinner to add our finishing touches to our group research projects. Then we had lovely homemade chicken nuggets (we counted 400) by Emma while the sun was setting!