Location: Bequia, SVG

The day began with a delicious breakfast of egg wraps cooked by Liana. Shortly after, we underwent our fish ID dive, continuing to progress through the advanced open water course. On the dive, we saw many species of fish and recorded them on the dive slates. Following the fish ID dive was a lunch of spring rolls. The peanut sauce was particularly enjoyed by all. Then came everyone’s favorite part of the day: sciencing. We broke off into our respective science teams to begin working on our group research projects; our team (pictured in photo 2) began collecting phytoplankton samples and testing the abundance of nutrients in the water. If you thought we were finished with fish ID, you’re wrong. We had the fish ID quiz! Porites porites – the finger coral – was well remembered by the students. After the quiz (and lecture) was one of the coldest showers to date. The one-minute-long marination in Hibiclens did not help. Luckily we had stir fry for dinner to warm us up. It was an exhausting day, hence, the lackluster blog. But it was a good day.

Photo 1: Sean mounts Alexis
Photo 2: Sciencing
Photo 3: More sciencing
Photo 4: Steph and Heather enjoying their surface interval coffee prepared by the ultimate surface support; Drew