Location: Less then 100nm from Komodo

Well, well, well…
The countdown is on. I can’t believe that it’s been 65 days since I joined this crazy adventure with 22 equally crazy (in a good way) strangers. It’s wild to even imagine sleeping in a bed without a fan blasting away 3 inches from my face. With any luck, doing dishes alone without the thrill of the semi-regular dishy-pit splash brought on by the sea state won’t be as boring as I anticipate it to be. The friends and memories the passage has afforded me will have a special place in my heart; it was well worth the sacrificial sunglasses, lunch, and towel claimed by the sea.
Today’s passage was a special one. Gray water managed to sneak into the fridge AND freezer, but luckily it was sniffed out by our lead provisioner Heather. The productivity was off the charts today. Most worked on completing their 40 fish IDs (where we draw and identify marine organisms), and some completed essays or studied for upcoming exams. Class today was bittersweet. The end is near for our daily dose of Oceanography and Navmaster class. It is nice to learn about the human impact aspect of oceanography, if a bit depressing when following the trend of how well our oceans are doing. Navmaster was a revelation – we went over our practice exams with the help of Drew and learned the errors of our ways. Im glad to report that most succeeded in our practice exam if 50% is a pass (unfortunately, this ship has high standards, 75% is needed). Anywhoooo… Even though the crew LOVES the passage, we are all very excited to see dragons in the next couple of days! Komodo Island, here we come.
What I am looking forward to even more, though, is Elexias birthday. If you weren’t aware, she has a fascination for goldfish. So much so she has literally made a mural of them in her home, specifically an outhouse-themed mural hanging in her mom’s bathroom. The point is she loves em’. So today, I have been busy gathering drawings of goldfish made by each person aboard. So far, so good. Some have decided to go all out and use watercolor, while some decided to pore their love into a birthday message. I can’t wait to surprise her with a notebook filled with goldfish! So, please do not let it slip, especially you, Jack, and Jack-mom.

On that note, I bid you farewell, dear reader, and to those where it applies – see you soon!
Over and out