Location: Martinique to Dominica

We awoke at a normal time today with some fitting crepes for our last morning in Martinique. We set sail at around 8:30 for Dominica. It was a good sail with decent wind for most of the way. We also put up the fisherman sail, an extra sail between the foremast and mainmast, for the first time on this passage. It was cool to get even more involved with the sailing, and Ocean Star looked fantastic sailing along with sails full of wind. Speaking of fishermen, James, our resident expert, gave an insightful presentation underway on the ins and outs of fishing, with top tips for aspiring anglers. We arrived in Dominica at about 4 pm, greeted by steep cliffs rising out of the sea, coated in a green vine cloak. The sails were taken down and covered as we approached the anchorage. As the sun began to set on the horizon, we found a prime place to anchor and Capt. Kris improvised with an inventive docking/mooring/anchoring set up (that I’m still trying to figure out myself) that ensures we can all sleep soundly. Tomorrow we are going on a tour around the island, which should be very interesting. We have loads planned for our time here in Dominica, with diving, hiking, and sightseeing, and we can’t wait to get started in the morning!