Location: West End

Wow. Where to even begin? This has been the most amazing experience of our entire lives. It’s so crazy to see it come to an end. Everyone is traveling home today; the journeys started with Kas getting in a taxi at 6 am, a few ferry riders leaving at 8 am, and the rest of us leaving at 10 am. It’s a very surreal experience, thinking about readapting to normal life, not having to pump the toilet 50-plus times, not having to pass our meals up through the gopher hole, and not looking so super silly falling all over the boat on the passage (sadly, none of us ever developed sea legs…I observed some absolutely hilarious falls).

We have shared the most extraordinary moments together – dropping an entire tub of yogurt through the goph hole and it exploding everywhere…(sorry, Maris and Elodie), Ari carrying a bowl of lettuce through the craziness of the squall while we hoisted sails and it blowing all over the place, literally scaling a waterfall in Dominica, singing meows in the salty pit, dancing as a deckie (p.s, a sponge makes an AMAZING prop), Mo Mo’s squall “senses”, dancing with locals in St. Barths, and of course, what I’ll miss the most: AJ’s and my boat checks 🙁 By the way, we did the FASTEST boat check-in HISTORY!!!!! TWO MINUTES AND FOURTEEN SECONDS! Dream. Team. AJ, when I come to Florida, we are doing another boat check. Somewhere. Somehow.

Many tears have been shed today, and it’s barely 8 am. I have met the most genuine, kind, fun-loving people, and will carry pieces of them with me wherever I go. Maris’s perseverance, Kas’s giggles and prank ideas, Hannah’s independence, Grace’s assertiveness, Sissy’s carefree nature, Meg’s positivity and spirit, Ray’s determination, AJ’s genuine kindness and calmness, Ari’s quick wit and creative mind, Elodie’s selflessness, Lauren’s bubbliness, Desmond’s dance moves, Peyton’s love of experiencing, Declan’s toga-wearing, thoughtfulness, and competitive nature, and Jake’s realness and love of having fun. 4! 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, where’s Jake!?? 20! I admire everyone endlessly and am forever grateful that we got to share this adventure together. It takes a special group of people to make a living, and working on a ship so much fun.

One very important thing that I have learned in the past 40 days is the importance of dance parties. A little dance party goes a very, very long way. Another thing that we all have learned is that attitude and mindset are both so powerful – you have the ability to change any situation by changing your energy, and that is such a beautiful thing.

In conclusion, this has been the best thing that I have ever done, and I want to live this life forever. I’m gonna go sob in the airport and finish my NOVEL of a journal…look for it in bookstores near you in approximately three years. I’m publishing all of my entries…titled “Narced Since ’99”.

Sincerely, GINATRONIC (pre-emptively…thanks for the new nickname Sam) signing out. Not forever, though. I’m coming back as the ghost of Ocean Star. Her name is Virginia…as is mine…see you soon, OS. I love you forever. Thank you for all of the adventures.