Location: Underway to Gibraltar

She is finally in her element, and so are we. I must admit I like it when the engine is not runningjust the sound of water and laughter. The day started with team 3 at watch. I must say we had the best shpooky stories and the best taste for shpooky podcasts, for we all ended up very scared after it as well as our Saga of Songs of 28 and Olivia Rodrigo’s album Sour and her new single Vampire.
Shout out to Alex for his VERY scary shpooky story. I was scared to go to bed afterward. The day was followed by Lily’s very fancy sandwiches at lunch. This followed into bursting laughter when we found out Santana had indeed fallen into Alex’s trap when he put vinegar into his water bottle, and he took a big chug and realized afterward.
In other news, when getting Argo ready to spread her wings, aka (sails), the winch wizard was back and better than ever and performed a spectacular performance. And when hauling the halyard, we ended up counting in Spanish, which I must say sounded more like “I don’t know” in Spanish if said many times. The day ends with Lily’s Killa quesadillas and, afterward, a killer dance-off. And as I sit here yet once more at my 8 pm-12 pm watch with watch team 3, I must say we are making great progress in coming up with our next pranks to get Santa along with the rest of the crew. As well as realizing we can no longer sing our hearts out bc the engine is off and sound travels easier through the chart house. So we are resorting to singing in very high baby-pitch voices. Hilarious!

To my family back at home. Holis mapi y meme los extrao. And for my dog Cleo, I miss you, tiny croissant!

See ya later