Location: Cape Town, South Africa

This morning, day 5, we woke up to the circle of life playing on the speakers at full volume, a great way to start the day. After eating our wonderful breakfast of eggs and bacon, we made our way to a few taxis that would take us on our trip for the day. Today we went to Langa Township, a town just outside of the city where they are working as hard as they can to build their lower-class town up from the ground. We were split into three different groups, with three separate tour guides, all of the residents in the township. We listened to the various ways the community is growing and how they are taking what they already have and utilizing it to their best ability. It was a very powerful and immersive experience. We left the township and headed back to the boat. This afternoon we had our first Oceanography class with Lindsay and Seamanship with Carolyn and Dan, where we learned about our life vests and how to put on a “Gumby suit.” This afternoon, the wind picked up to thirty knots and made for a very gusty dinner on the boat.