Location: Gorda Sound, Virgin Gorda

Today, we all got up bright and early, donned our Sea|mester polos, and tried to look our best. A man named Das took us up to St. Mary’s school in his taxi, which was a pick-up truck with bench seats. We gave a presentation about marine life to a group of kids ranging in age from about 4-11. We concluded by discussing endangered species, and each child colored a picture of an endangered animal and wrote down something that people do that could harm their animal. The kids were very excited, and they were fascinated when we showed them a picture of our beloved home, Ocean Star. After school, we headed back to Ocean Star and motored to Gorda Sound. There are a lot more boats here now than there were back in September! This afternoon, we held our first Rescue Diver scenario. We dealt with a very panicked diver and a missing, injured diver. We got both divers safely back on the boat and definitely learned a lot from the experience.