Location: Underway to the Azores

It was a quiet but productive 11th day of passage for us here aboard Argo. For the past 24 hours, we have been lucky to have our calmest continual sea state yet complimented by sun and slight winds as we work our way through our last 400 miles.

Traveling a calm 5-6 knots throughout the day, we had a great quesadilla lunch which was followed by a marine biology review class for our first test in two days.

After review, we had the rest of the afternoon free, where most of us studied, worked on research for our oceanography projects, or caught up on sleep.

Afternoon deck showers were followed by a fantastic chicken parm dinner as the sunset.

Excitement is high, and the conditions are ideal for our final stretch towards the Azores!

1) The real view- Watch Team 1
2) Claudia talking to science while doing research
3) Chicken parm dinner!

Current position:
3811.08′ N x 3500.79′ W