Location: English Harbour, Antigua

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in our case, that’s absolutely true! We hope you enjoy these photos of our last night together!

Tomorrow is the day our shipmates say goodbye, but today we have all been able to enjoy all the friendships we’ve made, reminisce on the brilliant moments, amazing life-changing experiences, and hilarious out-of-context quotes of the past three months!

It is safe to say, memories have been made that will stay with us forever, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

This is a very successful, blissful, and in love group of friends, signing off for the last time.

Love everyone on Vela, Fall 2021, Mediterranean to Caribbean adventure xxx

Photo 1: Hey Macarena
Photo 2: Bubba, Tyler, Declan, Emma, Liz, and Kendra having a great time
Photo 3: All in white Bubba, Brianne, and Tyler
Photo 4: Declan, Joe, James, Jamie, and Charlie
Photo 5: Declan, Helayna, Emma, Arden, Emerson, Henry, Bubba, Tyler, Kendra, and Akiva
Photo 6: The Queens Arden, Brianne, and Liz
Photo 7: Stolen phone is a selfie opportunity with Emerson, Grace, and Sav
Photo 8: Brianne and Henry
Photo 9: Garrett’ Look how many things I can fit in my beard!!”
Photo 10: Sav, Henry, Emerson, Garrett, Tyler, Akiva, Helayna
Photo 11: Beautiful Bubba with flowers in his hair!!
Photo 12: Friendships for life. Akiva, Arden, Garrett, and Henry
Photo 13: Garrett Snr’s doppelgnger
Photo 14: All packed and ready to go home
Photo 15: Brianne and Celia


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