Location: Barbuda

Today was our last day in Barbuda. After a breakfast of cinnamon buns, we all sat down for a navigation class. Although the class only lasts an hour, many students chose to go the extra mile and work on problems until lunch. The rest of us relaxed and swam during that time. After lunch, we got dinghy rides to shore and completed navy seal-like wet landings to make it to the frigate bird tours. We then split into two water taxis, which took us through the large lagoon just over the beach. Though we’ve seen lots of frigate birds flying overhead during our sails, it was exciting to see hundreds of them up close in the largest frigate bird colony in the Caribbean. Its mating season and we saw white juveniles as well as males with bright red puffed up gular sacs. When we got back to the beach, Aylee taught us how to play capture the flag, which lasted for four rounds and then turned into a rough but joyous game of bulldog. We started passage prep when we got back to the boat, and will be off to St. Barths after dinner. Thanks for reading!