Location: Panama City, Panama

Another great day in Panama! Some of us started the day by listening to music, singing Sweet Caroline, and dancing together in the saloon at 7 AM. Then we gathered for a delicious breakfast of butternut squash, candies, pecans, and peaches made by our head chef, Penelope. As we prepared for our 6-day long passage to the Galapagos in a few days, we did some passage prep. Then we were off to the Smithsonian Research Center, where we saw some super cool frogs and got to touch some fossils! While we were there, we had class and learned about intertidal zones, and Molly made some extensive eye contact with a fish.

In the afternoon, Sandra and Anna helped Claire with a super-big provision of food. A team of us then helped load all the provisions from land to the dinghy and onto Argo. Many people are still working to pack all of the food into as many spaces on the boat as possible, including in bilges, under bunks, and in spare beds.

We ended the day with a delicious dinner made by Penelope, loaded baked potatoes and apple cobbler!

Please enjoy these beautiful photos of people in Klay’s pit vipers during clean-up after dinner.

Many hugs and kisses from your favorite Argo Crew.