Location: Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua

Today, we awoke to the sound of Shakira’s “Estoy Aqui” on the salon speakers and the smell of Clara’s Spanish breakfast. She was sweet enough to make us Spanish omelets, Spanish ham (as I was emphatically told – it is NOT just bacon), and a delicious tomato spread on baguette slices. When we finished breakfast, we took a short hike to the intertidal pools. These were situated on an expanse of rocky Antiguan coastline. Pools settled into the cracks of great slabs of stone and were teeming with life – barnacles, algae, sea urchins, snails, crabs – all sheltered from the rough surf. Crew members explored caves and took amazing pictures by the sea. This adventure counted as an academic Oceanography lab 🙂 After lunch, we enjoyed some free time. Some stayed aboard the Ocean Star, and others explored the island. For dinner, we had a beach barbecue to commemorate our last night in Antigua. We played a game of Ninja, some football, and swam in the sea. Now, we’re settling into bed, eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s adventures.