Location: Great Harbour Peter

As we near the end, it’s hard for us to cope with having to leave. Certain words and phrases have been banned, such as “this is our last.” We are just cherishing the moments we have left together. We kicked the day off by finishing our circumnavigation of Tortola. It only took us about 70 days. We passed by our good old home port of Soper’s Hole in West End. We had a small resupply mission, which required the provisionaTOR to run into Nanny Cay on our way up to GHP for some milk, chicken, and other essentials for the last couple days. Once we made it back to GHP, we were greeted by the surprise of our missing hurricane mooring. So while the crew buckled down to study for our final OCB test, the staff went on a search and rescue dive to recover the great green “anaconda” line attached to the tri-anchored mooring. We dove right into the exam after lunch, and we all came out as graduated marine biologists. After the exam, everyone rushed to the Bananagrams table to have some fun. Then after a sugar boost from the boat Deliverance, which sells goods around the harbor, we went on quite the adventure. We were attempting to go turtle-tagging. We did not have that much time, so we were unsuccessful, yet we all had fun getting dragged behind the dinghies. There were two turtle sightings, but they evaded us by reaching deep waters and disappearing into the blue. We returned to the boat to find out there was no power. Captain Jack was waist-deep in an electrical cabinet replacing the battery charger. Once power was restored, we whipped out dinner and gathered for our final dive of the trip. It was a culmination of our dive efforts being a night, wreck, and deep dive. After this, we returned to the boat for closing program. Tor had made an epic movie that we all got a little sad watching. I think there may have even been some tears shed. What a rewarding time we’ve all shared here together. Signing out, your favorite blog author, sailor extraordinaire, the one and only Brando.