Location: Petit Piton, St. Lucia

We awoke bright and early for a tribe sail raise, not because we had too but because we can. The group decided this the day before and had no problem raising the sails and sailing off the mooring as the first light appeared over the horizon. Watch team two, took over, and dealt with some minor wind difficulties. Some other early morning yachters were pleasantly surprised when the crew greeted them across the waters with a loud “Happy Valentines” as we overtook them (as opposed to the usual long blast followed by two short of the horn). We could tell we made the elderly British couple’s day as they responded booming across the water “Happy Valentines Day to you too!”. Unfortunately, the wind soon died on us and had to fire up the engine for the first time in weeks. Not for long; the wind steadily increased all day until the starboard rail was just about in the water at one point. Ocean Star got us to St. Lucia safe and sound as we anchored stern to a palm tree underneath a 2,500-foot cliff with dolphins jumping on the horizon. It’s such an amazing site that the picture in all of our heads still seems like a dream.