Location: Antigua

Banana pancakes to set us up for the day. Straight after breakfast, Drew gave us a great talk in OCE on jellyfish blooms, but it dot stop any of us jumping straight in the Caribbean water. Then we had to go onto the main dock at Falmouth Marina to take on fuel – the first time we have done that since everyone joined the boat. This dock is huge, and it made Ocean Star feel tiny. It regularly takes yachts up to 330 feet long and 20 feet deep. After the quick fuel stop, it was onto MTE. We all had our VHF exam and also started to look at how the current affects our course when we are sailing. Then onto the PADI Rescue Diver course. No longer are our divers just looking out for themselves when they go diving. They are learning to rescue other divers. Training included surfacing unresponsive divers and learning to deal with panicked divers. All of that panicking and rescuing can make you hungry, and thankfully we had a delicious Thai meal of spring rolls, chicken stir fry, and coconut mango rice to satisfy us. A full packed day meant a night off to relax was well earned.