Location: Cairns, Australia

The day started bright and early as it always does, deckie doing deckie things, chefs cheffing and we somehow ended up with gophers onboard gophing, although not native to Australia I guess these ones must have got in somehow. Breakfast was great, on time as well, which was a good omen, and then we had some chats. After some introductions to the program and people, it was science time. After a quick detour to check out the local flying foxes (bats) that live in the trees next to the library, the students took the bus to the Cairns Marine center. There they had a close up look at what lives in the Great Barrier Reef, including some impressive sharks, rays, urchins, coral, and a wide assortment of fish. An evening of boat introductions were had and then the last chance for ice-cream before we head off for the next three landless weeks where hopefully some great diving, sailing, and exploring will happen.