Location: Underway to BVI

As we cruise along with full sail up and the engine off, it is easy to feel a sense of accomplishment as we can begin to see the houses on the islands of the BVI. We woke with the sunrise this morning and slipped the mooring and raised sail for our final long passage. Watch teams have been rotating throughout the day, and we were even joined by dolphins midday, which was an exciting time for everyone. As they jumped, swam at the bow, and even did flips, the crew of Ocean Star was in awe at their graceful manner and ease in the water. There is a sense of camaraderie on board from a group of 20 strangers that met just over two weeks ago that can only be formed from the teamwork and positive effort of everyone involved aboard an 88ft vessel. A few days and more adventures still lie ahead, but coming through the cut back into the BVI marks the crew going full circle and is something to be recognized. Everyone has brought great aspects to this trip that will not be forgotten, and in only 16 short days, they have left their mark on Ocean Star and the staff! Dolphins and rainbows!