Location: Underway to Cocos Keeling

Today marked a couple of exciting accomplishments here aboard Argo. We have officially come full circle on our Job wheel, indicating that a third of the trip has been completed. It’s inspiring to look back and revel in what we have accomplished so far in our 32 days together, and look forward to the next 60 with intrepid excitement. Today also saw Argo complete her first 200 nautical mile day of the trip. For this to occur, we need to have been averaging a little over 8 knots. The past 24 hours have seen us hold a steady average of around 9knots, so we are well on our way to arrive in Cocos keeling ahead of schedule. So what have we learned these past 24 hours out in the Indian Ocean. Well, for a start, Coffee Mugs can never be placed down, or you can guarantee they won’t be in the same place a few minutes later. Wedging yourself into your bunk is an acquired skill in which one has to learn hastily in order to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Attending class with a PFD is recommended should one wish to make a hasty exit up the companionway to reacquaint themselves with their previous meal. It is very satisfying to be out here knowing we are our own self-sustaining community, embarking on the adventures of our lives.