Location: St. Vincent

We made it! Our long-anticipated arrival at St. Vincents is finally here. Today, we showed the Ocean Star just how much we appreciate her for keeping us safe along our passage with a deep clean. However, to be completely honest, I think minimal cleaning was achieved as we quickly got distracted with chicken fights, pushup competitions, and dance parties galore. Following cleanup and blasting every Taylor Swift song ever written, we enjoyed a fantastic lunch of sandwiches with homemade bread courtesy of Ash, Meg, and Teagan (and, better yet, we were able to eat it fully vertical!) After lunch, we dove right back into our studies and took two exams, one for oceanography and one for seamanship. Obviously, we passed these exams with flying colors and, as such, celebrated with some snorkeling and swimming. To finish up the day, we ate Toad in a Hole for dinner (NO TOADS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS DISH) while viewing a stunning sunset. Overall, today was a fantastic day of quarantine, and we’re super-duper excited to set foot on land in a few days.

P.S. Joel holds the title for most pushups in a day with a record-breaking number of 200.

Thanks for coming along on this journey with us. Talk to you all again soon!

1. Fun with filters
2. Obligatory gopher hole photo
3. Amelia and Kris hiding from the sun
5. Getting swol
6. St. Vincents <3
7. squishy squish
8. Chloe/Grace at peace
9. Joel being Joel
10. Social distancing requirements underwater
11. Max’s one chance to be tall