Location: Spainsh Town

This morning everyone seemed to wake up with a little extra energy. Music was playing, and the mood was light. Good thing for the energy because after breakfast, we quickly got ready to hop into the sea off the shore of Virgin Gorda. We had two separate groups go out scuba diving. For the first, it was their first time performing an open water dive, which they all came back very excited about; the second was the few training for Advanced and the snorkelers. Laurie and Ellen were lucky enough to have a little friend (sea turtle) following them around throughout their dive. After diving, we had lunch and then set sail for Spanish Town. This was our first sail where we students did all the work ourselves (however, with the assistant of the instructor’s verbal communication). Diana even steered the vessel herself. When we arrived, we took the dinghies into town, and we were given some time off. A lot of us got in some good shopping and quality bonding time at a restaurant. We came back to Ocean Star, where we then had dinner – Tacos!!! Overall as a group, we are really starting to open up and let out our crazy sides. There is a lot of laughter in the air!!