Location: Tobago Cays

Argo and the Argonauts are on another whirlwind adventure tearing across the Caribbean Sea, island hopping as though we were modern-day pirates. We have now landed in Tobago Cays, where our anchor site is surrounded by gorgeous fringe reefs and spectacular islands with turtles galore. Today we left Bequia at 9:30 a.m. under the guidance of our superb Captain Sam, and with sails set, we plotted our course and made haste towards our next destination. After completing our Oceanography course while underway, we slipped through a ring of coral and arrived in Tobago Cays, where we discovered a small island that was used in the film Pirates of the Caribbean. After snapping pictures, the students/sailors gathered their snorkel gear. They plunged headfirst into crystal blue waters for some snorkeling where we happened to see an abundance of turtles, a plethora of hermit crabs living in gorgeous conch shells and a very unique fish called a Flying Gunnard. After the phenomenal snorkeling session, the students experienced a rare opportunity, free time! The students spent a few hours relaxing on a gorgeous beach that had waves crashing on both sides, gorgeous yachts in their view, and the company of each other, which truly made the day a fantastic and unforgettable day. After the students washed the sand off their feet, they climbed back aboard S/Y Argo for a great Baked Ziti dinner. Fortunately, the student’s adventure for today does not end with dinner. After dinner, the students strapped their snorkel gear back on and headed back out into one of the many coral reefs and experienced their first night snorkel. What truly made the snorkel experience even more magical was that flashlights were not necessary due to the bright shine of the moon, but a few still used them to get a closer look at the underwater world. Spirits are high, and hopes are higher as the adventure continues to grow more extravagant, and the bond of friendship grows stronger.