Location: Underway to Madeira

Today, I woke up when I caught air in my bunk (I live in the forward-most cabin, and we have been warned of this). Fifi and Hilary also woke up to this wave, and we watched as water flooded over our hatches and a bit dripped on us through the “water-tight” seal. “What the heck? Can they stop pouring water on our hatches?” Fifi exclaimed. “Who should I ask, like the ocean?” Hilary joked. Then Xavi came in to get us up on deck and informed us that these waves were only 2 meters. We will be getting hit by 6-meter swells later on in this passage. Roughly half of the crew, including me, spent most of the day on the low side and the stern, leaning over the rail occasionally and having our lovely shipmates fetch our waters and rice cakes. We bonded a lot today in the trenches, using each other as pillows and hyping each other up through our worst moments. We had a group of dolphin friends come and say hi before having dinner bouncing around in the cockpit. Another night of watches, and we are excited to feel better tomorrow, hopefully.