Location: Galleon Beach, Antigua

The seamester family woke up with a lot on their mind but even more to do during the day. We (Jake) love putting their kids to work. From my perspective, as the skipper, I woke up from a long night of tossing and turning in the foxhole, not being used to sleeping on a boat but got up early to clear my head and get people excited for the day. I watched as the seamen on board woke up to my exuberant auxiliary choices at the ripe time of seven in the morning with pure glee on my face – everyone was waking up! Then we had the usual breakfast at 730am and then spent a good time going over the rules and policies of the program, which felt like an eternity, but it was all worth it in the end when we all got to finally get our first swim in the water even though it was a swim test. The water was absolutely amazing temperature-wise and color-wise as well, being extremely clear. If I could be grateful for anything today, it would be that jump in with my crewmates.