Location: Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Watch this morning started with the most unreal sighting of MANY bioluminescent manta rays straight out of Moana. After the most serene passage and another stunning sunrise, we finally pulled into Isla San Cristobal of the Galapagos!!!! Upon arrival, we were greeted with baby sea lions, blue-footed boobies, and a boat full of customs agents making for the fastest customs clearing with Argo yet. Bella cheffed us up some killer enchiladas for lunch before we took off to our next anchorage in the remote island of Santa Cruz. Halfway through our mini passage, we were surprised by an ocean swim to cool off. Jumping into 300 meters of crystal blue water is both the most refreshing and humbling experience at the same time. And a perfectly timed sea lion swam over to check the group out, a perfect welcome to this wild place. A massive squall carried us through the rest of our passage to Santa Cruz, filled with sightings of jumping rays and dolphins. It was the last passage with our watch groups, and of course, the elite watch team 2 spent our last with a dance party in the rain. Pulling into Santa Cruz, Una single-handedly brought us to anchor, where we ended the day with another bomb meal from Bella and one of the best ever panoramic sunsets. After the squeeze, we were entertained by some more sea lions and sharks until the end of the night.

1. another killer sunrise
2. Sealion friend
3. a wild Felipe
4. the elite watch team 2
5. Una, aka helm master