Location: Princess Margaret Bay, Bequia

Nineteen days on Ocean Star have been filled to the hull with nothing but adventure and freedom, but nineteen days away from any solid ground to stretch our restless sea-legs has also been trying. Today, we finally got the thrill of heading to shore and with the intent to explore (for what’s the point of sailing if you’re not finding new and foreign lands?). The bay we’ve ported in is Princess Margaret of the island of Bequia, and as we dinging to the docks, our anticipation grows. Bequia is a small island. A very, very small island. As we waddle off the single dock like little ducklings, our excitement is too much for us to contain, and we split up into multiple groups. The dock leads you to the heart of Bequia, a single main strip that’s only a mile or so long. Nonetheless, all of us are giddy to see what treasures await us here. Some of us immediately find the nearest toilet and use its single flush action with great satisfaction (having used the head-on-board Ocean Star for the past nineteen days that requires you to handpump your waste 50 times before it’s expelled has lead to a new appreciation for modern plumbing). While they have fun with that, others of us hunt down the nearest ice-cream shop for a nice and cool treat on this scorching hot Saturday afternoon, and the last of us head to the beach for a swim. As we walk around, the town of Bequia begins to settle over us. There are smiling and helpful people everywhere and happy families relaxing together on their day off. It is a truly laid-back island kind of feel in the air, and it’s very inviting. Everything from the local shops, exotic foods, and whalebone souvenirs come together to create a new and different experience for us and reminds us of how good it feels to be on land again. The hours on the island fly by, and each of us has some sort of story to tell. From flippies off the docks and epic freestyle rap battles with the locals to a Backgammon game with a Florida champion, it is easy to say that today was filled with many treasures that we won’t soon forget. Our time there came to a quick end, and we headed back home. Back to Ocean Star and on to the next island to find more treasures.