Location: 19*04.608'N 52*07.615' W

What up, homeboys, it’s ya boy Max on a fine Friday evening. To start off this beautiful day which started at about 12:00, we had some amazing burrito bowls from our head chef Rachel who were very good and were a great way to start off our day. After some good conversations and some laughs with the boys, I was given our brief, which everyone was gonna be super pumped about. Calum told me that today, the day we thought would never come true, yes, we got to jump out into the middle of the Atlantic. It had to be one of the greatest experiences of my life. The depth of the water that we jumped into was around 5000 meters which are nuts. While I was swimming, minding my business, I saw Anna out there. She remembered that today was Friday which is her foot rub day, so I preceded to give her a foot rub in the middle of the Atlantic, which I don’t think anyone has done, so I’m pretty proud of myself for that one. After a couple more hucks (backflips) off the bow, we were told it was time to set sail and head off to the Caribbean, so we packed up and set off once more. We continued off the day as planned with an amazing lecture about mammals, and after, we did our knowledge reviews about diving which were awesome as well. after all our dope classes, we had a very good dinner which was cous cous and vegetables, which led me to now, and yes, this has been another W day. To all my peeps at home, I love you all and miss you so much.