Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

It’s really weird writing the blog because everyone fantasizes about being a skipper, but when it comes around, we don’t know what to write on the blog.

We started the morning moving from different locations inside Dominica. As most of us were tired from the hike yesterday, people only started to roll out of bed when breakfast started. For our meals, we had Armenian cuisine, so it was… different yet lovely. During leadership class, we discussed what we could do to improve as a vessel. It was amazing because we cleared the air and learned new things about each and every one here. As the day goes on, more sweat goes down. After classes, we started our passage prep and started having fun while listening to music. Energy levels were amazing, and everyone was having a blast. Since the beginning of the program, I’ve wondered how many people fit into the chart house. When I proposed the idea during the squeeze, you could see the staff visibly skeptical, but I stood my ground and convinced them. With that, I got an answer to my question! Overall a fun day, and excited for tomorrow because we are going to Franceee!!!


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2. Dominica
3. Boy PS
4. Boys PS
5. Everyone in the chart house