Location: Falmouth Harbor, Antigua

Woke up this morning to a sunrise while I was on my anchor watch and then woke everyone up with the song Saturday Sun by Vance Joy. Some people jumped off the bowsprit for a fresh morning swim with bagels afterward for breakfast. Everyone learned a lot this morning by going through Station Bill and being walked through all the different types of emergency situations we might encounter while on the boat. We all split up into our watch teams to go over Man Overboard, Fire Drill, and Abandon Ship. Lots of fun learning how to use the fire hose and all coming together as a team to get things done. Natalie was working so hard to get the trash pump to start so we could use the fire hose that she just fell right overboard. She was totally okay, though, don’t worry! Just went for an accidental swim but luckily took it like a champ. We then spent the whole afternoon going through Passage Prep and preparing the boat in hopes that we will be able to leave for St. Vincent tomorrow as long as we receive our life rafts that we are waiting on. I was the skipper today and definitely had lots of fun being able to tell people what to do. The rest of the afternoon was mostly spent catching up on schoolwork or spending time up on deck. We then ate beef teriyaki for dinner and cleaned up as usual. We always try to make it fun by listening to music even as we are doing mundane tasks like cleaning dishes or cleaning the deck. Fun to see how we all make the best of the small parts of our day. It sounds like we are going to finish off the night by watching a documentary and will then probably head to bed. Every day is filled with so many things to do that each day goes by so fast. Weird to think that we have already been in Antigua for almost two weeks, but looking forward to the rest of the trip and all the cool places we will get to see!

Pictured: Beautiful sunrise minutes right before everyone woke up this morning. People jumping off the bow of the boat is a refreshing way to start the day. Learning how to use the fire hose during Station Bill and everyone taking turns spraying the water. People hanging out on deck before starting dinner. Great way to end the day by being able to watch the sunset as we were all grabbing dinner.