Location: Singapore

Today was Get to know Argo Day. Aside from the chefs of the day, we awoke at 7:15 to be on deck by 7:30 for breakfast. After breakfast, we broke up into three groups and learned about the Galley (Kitchen), the heads(toilets/showers), and the deck. Brittany showed us how to find the different food compartments on the ship and instructed us on how to turn the stove and oven on and off. As it turns out, whether or not we know how to cook, we ALL will be in charge of cooking meals for the shipmates and the crew at some point during our journey so far; the chefs and their sou chefs have done fantastic!

Carolyn instructed us on how we MUST use the heads to prevent clogging them (if we can help it, no one wants to clog them), and Nick gave us an introduction to some of the parts of the ship and how to hang uplines (ropes), so they are out of the way and neatly coiled.

At noon, we had lunch. After clean up, we were told what our watch groups would be when we were on the passage (sailing in open water). Since we are on a 112 ft ship and we will be at sea 60 out of the 90 days of our program, EVERYONE will need to pitch in and take turns watching over the boat on deck. At that time, we will also be in charge of steering and keeping a lookout for things like other ships and runaway containers. During the passage, we will have 4-hour watches and 8-hour breaks. Of course, if a watch ends up during a class, the crew will substitute for one of us so we don’t miss any instruction time.

The part of being in one of three watch groups also means that we have specific responsibilities should an emergency such as a man overboard, fire, or abandonment of the ship happens. So after we divided into our watch groups, we discussed our responsibilities and went through a practice fire drill (with everyone). We all helped to hook up the firehouse to the ship and then to the crash pump (the extra pump just in case the pump on the boat is unavailable).

The day ended with an amazing dinner of stir-fried vegetables with chicken over rice (at 18:00) and then an introduction to academics. Brittany explained the academic program expectations of each shipmate during the semester.

By 10:00, most of us were in bed and ready to sleep so we could wake up for the next day’s adventure.