Location: English Harbour, Antigua

I walked through the saloon around 5 am this morning finally headed to sleep when I saw Lilly still awake writing her letters to the crew. I wished her good luck and continued back to the foxhole. The majority of us spent the early morning hours alone, writing 30 index cards containing a personal message to each crew member. 7 am wake ups came fast, and for once, I didn’t get any complaints. Each person just seemed to roll out of bed in a somber mood, except Joe and Tom. We sat around the cockpit, waiting for them until Kris discovered both of them sound asleep! I’m not exactly sure how they could almost sleep through their last day on Argo! Everyone was expecting a day filled with hard work, sweat, and tears, but surprisingly Argo’s last boat appreciation was our best one yet! We spent the afternoon hours giving back to the vessel that carried us safely to the Caribbean. There was not any complaining or trying to hide in bunks, there was music playing, us singing and dancing, and work being done. After 7 hours of polishing, waxing, cleaning, and organizing, we had finished. Argo looks better than ever, and I could not be more proud of my fellow crew who came together and knocked out a ton of work on a hot Caribbean day. We began this trip as a group of 30 strangers, but tonight we end as a family around one dinner table.