Location: Saba

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!! If ya’ll are feeling like how we are right now, you are probably reading this the morning after trying not to think about all the food you ate. That’s why I am just going to tell you about all the food we ate. However, before we talk about the goods, we had a day full of preparation. The first step was to work everything out of your system, body, and mind. So we went scuba diving with Sea Saba in the morning or afternoon, whichever group you were in. The dives were unreal! We went down to 84-90ft for both dives and had a show put on for us. We saw sharks, lobsters, crabs, parrotfish, huge conch shells, jellyfish, giant octopus, stingray car wash, turtles upon turtles upon turtles, and a very rare sighting…sea horses! When not in the water, chefs were cooking away, and others were studying and taking care of business. Of course, there need to be study breaks, so that’s when the football starts getting tossed around, and we get yelled at for hitting the chefs (and the turkey), rightfully so. At the end of the day, Brazil won with a bicycle kick from the top of the box and ate until you look like Charlie in the photos.

See ya lata,
Skippa Sean

Photo 1: Ashlyn, Dani, Liana divin
Photo 2: TURKEY
Photo 3: Saba
Photo 5: Steph, Heather, Drew whippin it up
Photo 6: Steph, Heather, Drew losin their minds
Photo 7: Steph, Heather, Drew lookin up
Photo 8: Sunset
Photo 9: Alexis plays the real football
Photo 10: Charlie gets tackled
Photo 11: Beauty
Photo 12: Divin
Photo 13: Green bean casserole
Photo 14: Not enough pastries
Photo 15: Not enough food
Photo 16: Looks like mac n cheese
Photo 17: Its an octopus
Photo 18: Kate munchin
Photo 19: We lost Charlie