Location: Underway to the San Blas Islands

Second day underway! No major injuries, which at this point is a good thing. Day by day the amount of seasickness goes down; sadly some can’t escape the rough seas. Thankfully, the wind has picked up, and even though we took down the mainsail, we’re still kickin’ it at 6 knots. Life underway gets rather repetitive, we all fall into the same jobs every 6-8 hours. However, here are some good anecdotes from the day.

During our lunch clean up half of us were sitting in the saloon waiting for class to begin, while the other half were finishing cleaning and storing dishes. Brittany happened to be in the gopher hole, passing dishes from the deck to the galley, when suddenly we all see a massive amount of water splash in the salon from the gopher hole. She was completely drenched, head to toe. We all, including Brittany, got a good laugh out of it. After lunch cleanup was complete, we did some learnin’ with Amanda in Oceanography class and Meg/Tim in Seamanship class.

We also caught a tuna today; a group is researching the stomach content of fish, so we constantly have a line out. For the first time something bit! It was a small tuna, but it was already dying by the time it was brought up, so it was decided it’d be better to use it for research and food instead of throwing it back knowing it would die for no reason. After looking into the fish’s stomach, we found lots of undigested fish and crabs, much more than was expected. The group had a good time taking measurements and collecting data, proving science is fun!

After another beautiful sunset, we enjoyed our nightly Squeeze. Tonight the question was “What advice would you give to your freshman year self?” Many people had great advice that we could all live by, such as “you regret more of the things you don’t do than things you do,” or “don’t worry about what other people think of you, and do what is best for yourself.” We even had some funny ones like “invest in bitcoin.” Now the watch teams are starting to roll through night watch as usual while the rest of us get some sleep after a sunny, wavy, fishy day.

Pictured: Ivan and Alex are bringing in the tuna; a view of the tuna freshly onboard; some of the stomach contents of the tuna- baby crabs, small fish, and more!

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