Location: Underway to Dominica

Today we Argo folks were in for a treat cause, oh wow, it was the last day of oceanography. We had our final oceanography class after breakfast, followed by finishing our rescue diver knowledge review from last night. Then we got into the good stuff – rescue diver drills! Maybe it was just the perfect water on a hot day, but it was fun, and we all learned a bunch. Beau was the chef, and they made tasty meals, including a homemade falafel dinner (one of if not the best no meat dinner, in my opinion). After the rescue diver and before dinner, we went into passage prep. It was another student-led passage by our engineer Katie, navigator Will, first mate MG, and skipper Emma, with the daily skipper job/passage prep checklist being given to me. We went fast and got everything done quicker than expected and are now underway. Tonight at the squeeze, I asked what instrument the person to your left would be. I stole this question from Audrey, so credit was credit is due. It was a good day. I hope all ya families are chilling out there. Argo’s the best. Stay humble, and see ya soonish, relatively speaking. We are on our way to Dominica!

Looking forward to it; it’s gonna be amazing.