Location: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

The day began with some quick and easy cereal before letting go of the mangroves that our stern was tied to and raising the anchor. Upon departure, Chantale served the second part of breakfast, banana bread. It was eagerly scarfed down by the crew, but mostly Stu. We motored from Marigot Bay to “rocking” Rodney Bay, where we refueled and sent Maia and Lisette to provision. After pulling away from the fuel dock, Ocean Star proceeded to the bay outside of the lagoon. After setting and hauling back three times, we finally got a good bite with the anchor. By this time, the provisioners had returned with fresh meats and baguettes for lunch. It is the first time the crew saw provolone cheese this semester. After a quick boat appreciation session, it was shore time. Everyone was quite disappointed that the internet cafes were closed but were satisfied with ice cream cones instead. A 4:30 MTE class was held under the sun, and we learned about dead reckoning and estimated position. For dinner, we had falafels and potatoes, which tasted great in wrap form. Finalizing the day with a French lesson in communications class and preparation for our passage to France made this glorious day a success and a joy.