Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

After my delightful time on the Ocean Star, I couldn’t help but write a glowing review. Sam(brown hair, great smile) was our incredibly chipper head server. She made us laugh, she made us cry, all around lovely gal. Nick(Busboy, big beard) dropped several plates, but lucky enough, they were all made of stainless steel! Nifty! Ash(Chav) was the head chef today. We especially loved the weevils he added for protein and flavor in our scrumptious dish. Heather(brilliant brunette, hostess, average height) made fantastic conversation but seemed too invested in saving our seared tuna rather than serving it. Suggestion: make a reservation for either lunch or dinner. It is a fusion of local and French cuisine. Untied catch of the day(tuna), and it was good. However, my significant other does not do sashimi, that’s why she was not impressed. But other dishes with langoustine(Caribbean lobster) look delicious. We loved this place!

-Stan D.(Yelp!)