Location: Admiralty Bay, Bequia

A long night is always followed up with a rough morning, and although everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time out on the island, 3am anchor watch shifts are very much a real thing. Already running on minimal sleep with midterms having been beating on us all over the past week or so, it was easy to let myself sleep in, however, that was not the right decision. Mike woke me up seven minutes late for my wake up call and i quickly ran around the boat making sure everyone was awake before any of the staff had realized my blunder. I do however, realize that the act of writing this will give that away but it’s in the past now so I can’t be bothered with it. After an amazing breakfast from Kiara, who claims to not cook all that often, we all headed down for our oceanography presentations. We learned all about the detriment of shark finning, marine debris, hurricane force winds, and more, all taught to us by our peers. Although we didn’t have time to get everyone’s presentations in before leadership, we will wrap everything up by the end of the night. Following leadership, rescue divers got in the water for more skills assessment. We were in the water for at least three hours but the prunes on everyone’s hands and feet made us all feel like it was more like six or seven. Being in the caribbean ocean all day with sunny skies and a slim breeze is pleasant, don’t get me wrong, but towing your friends hundreds of feet through the water while practicing your rescue breaths on them is quite the challenge. While the divers practiced rescue scenarios, Calum went out for a provisioning run, so we are now stocked on food for the next week or so, but with that always comes the nightmare of restacking all of the cans in the galley. Absolutely maddening for anyone who attempts it, 10/10 would not recommend. Tomorrow we will be setting sail again, leaving Bequia behind us, and although it will be sad to see this small island disappear behind us, the buzz of excitement still looms in the boat. Everyone is excited to set sail and get our minds off of what have no doubt been some very long, very hard past few days.

1- Calum posing stoically
2- Ash has a beard
3- Sophie and Riley
4- the sun
5- Bath time (Lenox smells)