Location: Underway

This morning the shipmates of Argo were given once last chance to enjoy the huge Atlantis resort in Nassau before we head away from civilization for a while. Many took that opportunity to stock up on the provisions that seem to increase in worth with the length of a passage. Snacks can sometimes be vital to the moral of watch teams at 4 am. Others used the time to enjoy the last fix of Starbucks, Ben and Jerry’s or cheesecake as unfortunately, none of these exist on Argo. Back on board at 10 am, the students completed their fastest and most proficient passage prep to date, and in no time at all the lines, rigging, dinghies, and all of the other necessary pieces of the preparation were in place and ready to go. Heading out of the channel, the watch teams also lead a very impressive sail raise. It is great to see all that they have learned and their confidence in their new skills. Once into the passage and filled with a delicious lunch made by Chef Scotty, Scientist Kris gave an Oceanography lecture about waves (very valid as the students can feel the motion of the waves as they learn about them) followed by a student leadership class with Leah. After that, everyone settled into the normal passage life, however a showing of “Love Actually” resulted in a great mood boost as we cheered each couple on to success.

I’m looking forward to arriving in Cat Island tomorrow as it is supposed to be beautiful and excited for another night of incredible stars and bioluminescence.