Location: Nevis

The day started out with a delicious early morning breakfast made by our chefs of the day, Jess and Maddy. Following breakfast, we had back-to-back classes of Oceanography and MTE. Once done with our classes for the day, the staff offered to drop us off in town for a few last hours of shore time in Nevis before our departure to Dominica. This quickly turned into, as Alex put it, The Amazing Race: Dramamine Edition. It took us four trips to different drugstores around town before we could find any form of a substitute. Finally prepared, we then spent the last hour on shore enjoying the sites and locals. Some of us girls went to grab a bite to eat and were surprised to find out that the most popular place in town to eat is a Chinese restaurant. After lunch, we met back up with Alex and Jake and hung out in a local farmers market until our dinghy pickup. Once back on the boat, we quickly got Ocean Star ready for her next voyage and set sail for Dominica!