Location: North Sound, Virgin Gorda

This morning was another fabulous day in the Caribbean. As skipper of the day, I attempted to be up before the rest of the crew. While I was catching a breath of fresh air up on deck, I was greeted with the glorious sight of dolphins off the bow. I reveled in the moment and the fact that we are all actually living aboard Ocean Star in these warm blue waters! I think we are all getting into a routine now, and growing accustomed to jumping right into things after breakfast. The Open Water divers have a few lessons to finish up before becoming certified. Hence, the rest of us took the opportunity to either relax on the deck or go diving ourselves! Never to skip out on a diving opportunity, I jumped back in the warm Caribbean waters to take the Navigation portion of the Advanced Diving section. After a splendid lunch, we lifted anchor and cruised around the island into the classically, postcard-like North Sound of Virgin Gorda. After dropping anchor at our new home for the night, the Open Water divers went back to the grindstone to bust out a few more lessons. This provided the rest of us with the opportunity to explore the sound. After catching up with our sister ship, Argo, to acquire another dingy, we cruised around taking in the scene and stopping at the docks to look at some really big, fancy yachts. The late afternoon allowed everybody a chance to get back on land, as we headed ashore to our introduction to the Leadership Development Course. Now, after dinner, the Open Water divers are at it again, taking their written final and coming one step closer to being certified divers. Yes, it is another splendid day in the Caribbean!