Location: Underway to Saba

As we continue our journey through the Atlantic Ocean, I would like to point out some highlights thus far:
– Greg never got his raise
– Katelyn has developed a fear of talking lambs
– Tum learned to read
– Max is now short
– Colm made a fascinating scientific discovery – he can pee while mid-air
– Adelaide is now a fish
– Jordan collects human skulls
– Andrea is the mother of a duck
– Smash has a flounder costume (she made it herself)
– Drej is still emotionally allergic to peanut butter
– We lost the mast
– Tony lost his DJ license for playing “Hey Soul Sister.”
– Valentina is not actually German
– Will hates fish
– Katie has decided to shave her head
– Shona learned how to use a compass
– Maddie’s best friend is a cloud
– The trunkfish is withering away
– Hannah doesn’t have all her teeth
– Leoni is a professional
– Mack is a tree
– Bennitt is… we really don’t know (we haven’t seen him in days)
– Meghan wants to join a commune
– Sonnet brushes her teeth with oatmeal
– Charlie just celebrated his 78th birthday (congrats!)
– Calum has changed his name to Tum

What an eventful passage!

Mack Attack

(Also, happy 60th birthday Dad, love you!)

Photo 1: Hannah, Calum, Meghan, and Greg
Photo 2: Former DJ, Tony
Photo 3: Andrea, Sonnet, Bennitt, Will, and Smash