Location: Grenada

As Watch Team 1 emerged at a prompt 5:50 am to be briefed by Watch Team 3 on the status of our passage, there was palpable excitement as the sun rose and revealed Grenada looming in the distance. After almost three days of passage, everyone was excited to see our destination. We were highly anticipating the first jump into the water, regardless of how soaked we were from the rain that poured on us while we took down the sails earlier that morning. Once we dropped the anchor at Spice Island, Ocean Star received a well-deserved BA (boat appreciation.) Splitting into teams, we put away the sails, cleaned the saloon, scrubbed Ocean Star down, and all the while took occasional breaks to cool off by back-flipping into the water. After eating grilled cheese sandwiches prepared by Head Chef Kyle and his accompanying sous-chefs, we went ashore to explore Grenada firsthand and managed to both begin exploring the new country and avoid getting lost on the bus routes. Grenada is treating us well. After shower time and the delicious burgers made by the all-star chef, the team is truly the perfect end to our passage to Grenada. Now off to Trivia night in Grenada! Much love from Ocean Star.