Location: Agadir, Morocco

The day started off great, with a normal wake up time of 730, our awesome head chef Graham and his sous chefs, Captain Sam and Alex gave the group on Argo a delicious pancake breakfast. After a quick cleanup, we had an oceanography review session and watched a documentary about sharks in Marine Biology. Since arriving in Agadir, the rain has been off and on down pouring; however, being the optimistic and adaptable crew of people we are on Argo, it hasn’t affected the vibes, especially being Halloween, moods are at a high. After classes, we had free shore time, many went shopping or to the spa, which I personally was able to experience, and wow, a traditional Moroccan scrub and a hot tub were amazing, to say the least. Dinner was a nice pasta with Alfredo and broccoli; everyone wore their Halloween costumes to dinner, very entertaining to watch the many local Moroccans walking by staring. Today is the last day before no shave November starts; all the guys are clean-shaven, many also following suit behind el Capitan by shaving their heads, we also had one girl Aliki who decided to join the boys in buzzing her hair. It’s been an eventful, fun day with lots of celebrations and laughs going around Argo. Tomorrow we head inland to Marrakech for an overnight adventure, so the good mood buzz is still rising. Don’t forget to follow team Argo on Movember.com. We have already raised $650 of donations towards helping men with prostate cancer, and it’s not even November yet!.. let’s go. set date:2012-10-31