Location: Saba

Happy April Fools Day! Despite it being April 1st, we were all pretty well behaved today on Ocean Star. Until just after dinner, that is, when a water fight broke out between Nick, Jessica, and Micah. Thankfully most of us managed to avoid the crossfire, but it was pretty entertaining. During our squeeze at dinner, I asked what was the best April Fools prank people had played on someone, and based on the answers; I am glad that we just stuck to water today!
To back up a bit, we started out the day with our last lecture in OCE, where Eddie gave us a presentation on global climate change. After a quick passage prep and sail raise, we were off to a new country – Saba! Our passages are student-led now, so as skipper today, I was in charge of making sure we had the boat ready to go and was at the helm as we picked up the anchor. Micah did a great job leading the navigation team, figuring out the course we should take and working with Nick to plot waypoints of our proposed course in our navigation systems. Of course, with sailing, you can never really plan what you will be doing, so despite the fact that we sailed at a faster speed than we originally planned, we had to tack and jibe, which added in some extra miles. Nevertheless, we made it to Saba in a good time. The view from our anchorage is pretty cool, and we are all excited to go diving and explore the island over the next two days.