Location: Bequia, SVG

My day began right at midnight, in my only clean pair of pants, in the rain, on the deck, which is haunted by our lovely boat ghost Virginia. She decided to say hello by loosening the air valve to a dive tank, causing a high pitch gasp and one spooked crew member. After getting a few more hours of sleep, I woke up to the smell of huevos rancheros, KT’s way, followed up by a lovely verse of Happy Birthday to Ashlyn. We had a quick OCB class after breakfast, where we learned about echinoderms, chordates, and arthropods. Our teacher, Steph, shared some memorable characteristics of interesting creatures with us.
After class, we got treated to some much-needed shore time and really good eats. I started mine off with a hilly run to the other side of the island, got chased by a dog, but barked at it and got it to leave me alone. Some opted for the flatter and less obstacle-dense route to a historical fort that overlooks the bay we are anchored in. Most of us met up for some delicious mango and soursop smoothies. Eventually, we found our way to a grocery store and had some cinnamon rolls and ice pops. Naturally, we followed this up with lunch at Coco’s. The deck there had a beautiful view, some awesome local food, along with some friendly locals we even decided to purchase some matching t-shirts with. A few others met a local to Bequia, Norman, while trying to hide from the rain. He showed them the best parts of the island and his home, which he built himself. Others discovered sail shops and handmade clothing made on the island. Back on board, Steph, Drew, Heather, and Nick had a pizza party without us. Once back on board, O’Star, we all showered and had burgers for dinner. We celebrated Ashlyn’s 18th birthday with another birthday song and cake.
1. KT and Sean eating the batter
2. Mango found on a run
3. View of the bay on a run
4. Cinnamon roll
5. Carli showing off her new mask at lunch
6. Ashlyn’s birthday cake decorated by yours truly
7. View from Cocos
8. Kebo, Sean, and Norman