Location: Underway

Today was an awesome day because it was my 21st birthday, on a dry boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, so it was pretty awesome. We had cake for the party, which at first was a little bit of a disaster. Two cakes tasted like fish and sunflower seeds which is not what we were aiming for. They were supposed to be chocolate. The last one we backed turned out perfect, though! Besides this, we finished up our PSCT presentations on the different parts of the boat, and now we are all experts on all of Argo’s operating systems. We also had two SLD presentations; the first was on how to catch marlin, which was pretty cool considering we are in a perfect location to catch these gigantic fish. We also had a presentation on the fundamentals of rugby, which sparked an interesting debate on which is better to watch rugby or American football. Because I gave the presentation, I naturally choose rugby as the better sport.


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